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Over 40 years of sincerity in the work we created bridges of trust and distinction as our company was founded in 1979 as an Egyptian contracting company operating in Upper Egypt and the Red Sea region

We Could Manage to finish in record times the completion of many huge projects such as construction and restoration of more than 40 schools and 7 Azhar institutes and establishing Many central and private hospitals, such as Esna Hospital and Central Hospital of Qus,

and we were honored to establish many major housing projects, including the Basna Irrigation Buildings Housing Project, a license, and the establishment of desert-back villages in Qena Governorate.

We also designed and implemented many commercial malls, service centers and tourist villages

Our Vision. Unrestricted.

Unlike many other real estate companies that limit you to a few pre-defined layouts, Everest Real Estate Development possesses many varied options for investment, as we have a unique and diversified business precedent that is not limited to the residential sector only

Which led to the crystallization of a different vision of the concept of real estate development, a vision based on an interest in the quality of life that helps the property in its composition for our client, therefore, and always, it tries to adhere to design standards that give the customer a high degree of privacy and luxury

Everest was built with your success in mind

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